OpScript is an implementation of object pascal. It seeks to implement most of the features found in the following pascal definitions:

  • Borland Object Pascal
  • Extended Pascal
  • Object Oriented extensions to Pascal.

Certain language constructs do not make sense for a scripting engine (such as pointer types) and those will therefore not be implemented. I am currently working on a more detailed grammar and functional specification (which will go in the documentation section) but for now, here is a general overview.

Planned Features:
  • Standard language contructs ( statements, expressions, etc )
  • Complex numbers
  • Exception handling
  • Module definitions (Borland Units)
  • Object-Oriented Support (Classes,Intefaces,Objects)
  • Seamless COM integration.
  • Native Support for Web Services
  • active debugging
  • For each statement ( for enumerating colletions, arrays, etc. )
  • Automatic conversion between SafeArrays and Pascal Arrays